Venue Rental 場地租借

We practice dreams and aspirations through opening our doors to our community for networking and workshops. Entrepreneurs and business professionals rent our space to share or communicate their knowledge on topics ranging from business, spirituality, veganism and food. We find the leading industry teachers and entrepreneurs to share with us because we believe that knowledge is power. We welcome local entrepreneurs our brand to make full use of The Green Room for local and international connections.

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Office working days: Monday-Friday 9am to 7pm.

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在實踐夢想的這一路上,我們也遇到許多努力築夢的年輕創業家,他們租用我們的場地來分享或傳達各自的理念,而我們也會找業界講師來店裡授課,因為能分享好的知訊是件非常有意義的事情。我們十分歡迎在地創業家或品牌,來充分使用The GreenROOM這片綠色地。

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