The Green Room’ Story and Purpose

I started up this restaurant with my father, and the story begins with the communist war that threatened my family so they fled from Yun-an China to settle down in Chiang Mai, Thailand. My father grew up in the village that was suffering with hunger and lack of opportunities. My father’s mother had to bring up 10 children with no help, harvesting food with her bare hands to feed her children. My dad, being the oldest, had to help my grandmother prepare food in the kitchen, and that’s how he learned how to cook merging their traditional Yun-an Chinese cuisine with the newfound ingredients of Thailand. This craft has now been passed down from generations in our family, along with the Chinese traditional values of pursuing happiness and building a career, no matter the circumstances. This is the inside story of “The Golden Triangle”.

I was inspired to open this restaurant in remembrance of my grandmother who recently passed away, and to keep this legacy of my family alive. We use the local ingredients, just as my grandmother did, to touch peoples soul, reminding each of us how to be a human, and opening a door to understanding the importance of growing your own food. We hope to expand our understandings of vegan cuisine where we experience delicious food with no boundaries.

The story of my family is the story of everyone’s. The Simplest food can reach the deepest human awareness. It reminds us to do good in this world, to contribute & act from the heart. Thanks to my grandmother, we feel inspired to create this vision everyday.



這故事其實跟每個人的遭遇都大同小異,但我深信越真實的故事才越能深入人心,就像最簡單的食物才能品嘗到它最原始的風味,它提醒了我們活著,就是要對世界有所貢獻,做自己能力所及的事情,一切從心出發。再次感謝我的奶奶,您的教導與啟發,是我們邁出對社會貢獻的第一步,並開啟了從農場到餐桌上的真食物,讓我們能透過The Green ROOM拋磚引玉,來激勵更多的人一同效仿。


The Purpose

At The Green Room, our mission and goal is to show how veganism can be easily integrated into everyone’s life in a delicious, nourishing and health-conscious way. We are passionate about finding the finest local ingredients that inspire our community to support and make a change in each person’s life. We create our innovative Thai-inspired dishes by hand and start our process of cooking from the farm to your table. It is our purpose to break the ideology that says veganism can’t be easily accessible, innovative, and filled with the essential nutrients our bodies need. We hope to inspire the change, starting with our international restaurant.

The Green Room,我們的使命及目標,是用美味、營養、健康的方式,讓蔬食更容易的深入到每一個人的生活中,我們致力於尋找最好的在地食材,來激勵我們周遭的人支持他們去改變彼此的生活習慣。我們創造了全新泰國風味蔬食菜餚,並開啟了重農場到餐桌的烘任過程。我們的宗旨就是要打破素食的舊思維,素食其實可以很創新,並充滿了身體所需要的營養,最重要的是它可以很容易取得。我們希望可以激起這巨大的變化,透過我們的餐廳重新開始。

Farmer’s Products Shelf 小農產品

Part of our brand mission is to incorporate local ingredients and support our farmer’s and fine craftsman of Taiwan. In order to further this goal, we are selling some locally-crafted goods and organic produce that you can’t find in supermarkets and even organic stores in Taiwan.

Enjoy browsing our housemade dried goods where the nutrients of these organic produce stays intact. Or indulge in our roasted Organic coffee from the finest beans around the world. We have beauty products that are 100% chemical free and toxic free, products that you can’t find in any other store in Taipei! From beauty products to fine teas and fruit vinegars, we have a variety of the highest-quality goods we could find locally to provide our customers.

We choose the finest products that use ethical, sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices, like our organic brown sugar that helps support a local children’s shelter. We are committed to furthering the ability for our partners, farmers and local crafters to provide these holistic products and help make a difference, starting in our Taiwan community.

我們堅持只使用最新鮮無毒的食材,用美味及健康喚起「吃」的感動, 豐富味蕾上的色彩!因為這份堅持,讓我們遇到抱有同樣堅持的在地小農,儘管土地貧脊、天氣異常、市場狹小,他們都還是為了各自的理念努力奮鬥,那種想做出最純粹、無害的產品,深深打動了我們。不管是在台東親自耕作製成的有機果醋,或是用人工榨取第一道甘蔗汁最純粹的黑糖,甚至是因先生罹癌而想做出最天然、無毒、安全手工皂的夫妻,每一個堅持都有段感人的故事,我們深信只要使用過這些產品,一定能深深體會這份感動!    你們的支持,是我們堅持的動力!